Senior woman struggles to walk with the help of a walker and her young granddaughter.

Welcome to
Joint Motion Physical Therapy

Joint Motion Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned private practice that is committed to providing high quality, caring and cost-effective physical therapy services. Our staff provides evidence-based care with a manual therapy focus.

This allows us to be experts in our field by keeping up-to-date with the most current rehabilitation research and incorporating it into our daily practice. In short, we want to get you better with as few visits as necessary and we do it with a Smile!

Our Mission is:
WE DO MORE of what we love,
so YOU CAN DO MORE of what you love.

Can you…

  • Confidently walk up the stairs?
  • Pick up your Grandchild without worrying about your achey back?
  • Stand up from any chair you like without your knee hurting?
  • Have a catch with your son or daughter?
  • Sleep through the night painlessly?
  • Cut to the goal for the big score?
  • Painlessly swing that club, bat or racket?
  • DO MORE of what you love to do?

Are you ready to DO MORE?

If you are frustrated with facilities that shuffle your care from therapist to therapist and prefer consistently better care, then call us at (908) 322-3202 or schedule online by requesting an appointment using the button to the left.

We are proud members of the American Physical Therapy Association

Dr Marc Helders

A huge congratulation is deserved
to our own Dr. Marc Helders!

Marc Helders, PT, DPT, Cert MDT, TPI Certified has been part of the Joint Motion PT staff since 2010. Dr. Helders obtained the prestigious and rare MDT certification in 2013. He recently attended the 2016 Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) Conference of the Americas in Miami. The purpose of this conference is to allow for collaboration between Physical Therapist’s and fellow healthcare professionals in order to utilize and explore latest research involving the McKenzie Method of Evaluation and Treatment. Dr. Marc Helders not only attended, but presented his current case study research titled: “Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment Approach for an Adolescent Athlete with Acute Knee Pain: A Case Report”. This research underwent extensive professional scrutiny and ultimately was selected to be accepted in the Conference. Dr. Helders was asked to present his findings to fellow prestigious colleagues explaining the approaches he took and his progression of treatment. Marc was an honored presenter and we at Joint Motion Physical Therapy are extremely honored to have an expert clinician who constantly strives to Do More so his patients can Do More.

Amazing Job Marc, we are proud of you and your continued accomplishments!

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