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Joint Motion Physical Therapy

Joint Motion Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned private practice that is committed to providing high quality, caring and cost-effective physical therapy services. Our staff provides evidence-based care with a manual therapy focus.

This allows us to be experts in our field by keeping up-to-date with the most current rehabilitation research and incorporating it into our daily practice. In short, we want to get you better with as few visits as necessary and we do it with a Smile!

Triston Glynos at Join Motion Physical Therapy in downtown Scotch Plains.
Credits: John Mooney

Our Mission is: We DO MORE of what we love, so you can DO MORE of what you love.

Can you...
  • Confidently walk up the stairs?
  • Pick up your Grandchild without worrying about your achey back?
  • Stand up from any chair you like without your knee hurting?
  • Have a catch with your son or daughter?
  • Sleep through the night painlessly?
  • Cut to the goal for the big score?
  • Painlessly swing that club, bat or racket?
  • DO MORE of what you love to do?

Are you ready to DO MORE?

If you are frustrated with facilities that shuffle your care from therapist to therapist and prefer consistently better care, then call us at (908) 322-3202 or schedule online by requesting an appointment using the button to the left.

We are proud members of the American Physical Therapy Association

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Rated 5/5 based on 87 customer reviews
"I've been to many PT facilities and this by far was my favorite! Tristan and his staff are incredibly caring and knowledgeable. They designed a program based on my needs and requests and gave me exercises I will use on my own going forward. I would definitely come back again and would refer all friends and family to go here. "
Feb 19, 2022
"From August to October I was under the care of DPT Marc Helders. This was my 3rd series of PT and first at Joint in Motion; far and away the best experience. Not only is Marc exceptionally experienced, but hands-on, engaged, and with an easy and warm, confidence building personality. With my past experiences I was pushed off to a PT assistant and never had the depth of information sharing and personal interaction as was the case with Dr Helders. Adding to this positive experience is that all of the personnel get along, are friendly and quick to help one another and all the patients in their care. "
Oct 23, 2020
"I was having joint stiffness after my recent bunion removal surgery and was referred to Joint Motion by my Dr. It was an amazing experience and I am thrilled that I found such a qualified, friendly, efficient physical therapy practice so close to my home. Not only did my mobility improve, but I learned new tidbits of information about muscles and joints with each visit. I started therapy during Covid, so I was concerned abut cleanliness, but all those concerns were put to rest after my initial evaluation. From the moment you enter, the staff does an amazing job of keeping you and them safe. Constant sanitizing of equipment, washing of hands and continued mask wearing made me feel safe and comfortable. It was such a good experience. I can't say enough good things about Tristan and his staff. It's rare to find this level of professionalism and service from start to finish. If I ever need PT services again, I'll head straight to Joint Motion. "
Oct 16, 2020
"I have had 3 major spine surgeries, the last one was June 2019. Prior to the surgery I had to have intensive PT per insurance requirements. I worked with the staff at Joint Motion and they were superbly helpful in managing the PT and advising the insurance company on my status. After the surgery I went right back to PT with Joint Motion to get the left side of my body and left leg strong again. The staff is extremely professional, courteous and sympathetic. Without them I would not be able to walk straight. I highly recommend them for any PT needed."
Jan 04, 2020
"I am a runner and this is the second time I have gone to Joint Motion with knee issues. They did a great job the first time as 6 years (and several thousand miles) elapsed between my first series of visits and my recent visits. You will never find a business that is easier to work with - the staff is cheerful, helpful and flexible. My therapist was John this time and he really knows his stuff! He had me up and on the treadmill within a few visits. Everybody clapped and I felt like a celebrity after my last session. What I really like the best is the environment - even with a roomful of injured clients, the mood is always happy and upbeat. Lots of laughter, lots of support. Should I injure myself again (and knowing me, I probably will), I would return without hesitation! "
Dec 26, 2019
" This is my fourth experience with PT. One time a few years ago at Joint Motion for severe sciatica after being in the hospital for that condition for one week. Joint Motion was fantastic back then as it continues to be now, Last year I needed additional PT and made the mistake of not returning to Joint Motion. Instead I went to two other places that had been recommended to me instead of following my gut to return to Joint Motion. That turned out to be a big mistake. The two other PT places could not compare to Joint Motion. The staff at Joint Motion is caring, helpful, supportive, personable AND they're excellent therapists. I cannot say the same thing for the other places I went to. The one place operated like a factory with changing therapists who were quite uncaring. At the second place the therapists were friendly but were quite unimpressive in their therapeutic skills. Most of the time I had to suggest things to try that might be helpful to me and then the therapist would say "yeah, sure that could be helpful." So I had to direct my own therapy. And there was no continuity as the therapists rotated depending on what day of the week I was there. In contrast Joint Motion is exceptionally good. The physical therapists there are knowledgeable and attentive and are definitely in charge of the therapeutic process always explaining and guiding the next step in treatment. Also there is consistency since you always work with the same therapist each time you have an appointment. I can't say enough good things about Marc Helders, the therapist I've been working with. Plain and simple he's terrific! And he has a great sense of humor -- always a plus in my book! In addition the facility is clean and the front desk staff is wonderful -- always friendly & helpful. Kudos to Tristan, the owner, for running such an exceptional Physical Therapy facility. I highly recommend Joint Motion to anyone who is looking for an excellent place to go to for physical therapy, I wish I could give this place 10 stars instead of just 5. "
Sep 18, 2019