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Welcome to Joint Motion Physical Therapy

Joint Motion Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned private practice that is committed to providing high quality, caring and cost-effective physical therapy services. Our staff provides evidence-based care with a manual therapy focus.

This allows us to be experts in our field by keeping up-to-date with the most current rehabilitation research and incorporating it into our daily practice. In short, we want to get you better with as few visits as necessary and we do it with a Smile!

Triston Glynos at Join Motion Physical Therapy in downtown Scotch Plains.
Credits: John Mooney

Our Mission is: We DO MORE of what we love, so you can DO MORE of what you love.

Can you…
  • Confidently walk up the stairs?
  • Pick up your Grandchild without worrying about your achey back?
  • Stand up from any chair you like without your knee hurting?
  • Have a catch with your son or daughter?
  • Sleep through the night painlessly?
  • Cut to the goal for the big score?
  • Painlessly swing that club, bat or racket?
  • DO MORE of what you love to do?

Are you ready to DO MORE?

If you are frustrated with facilities that shuffle your care from therapist to therapist and prefer consistently better care, then call us at (908) 322-3202 or schedule online by requesting an appointment using the button to the left.

We are proud members of the American Physical Therapy Association

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Check Out Our Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 81 customer reviews
"Awesome staff! Very helpful"
Jun 09, 2019
"I would like to thank Triston and his staff for treating me for an arthritic knee. Triston was highly recommended by my rheumatologist and did a great job relieving my knee pain. He was very thorough in the initial interview, making sure he had a full picture of my problem and that he understood my concerns. The office staff is very welcoming and managed to make my appointments convenient to me, During each session, the therapy staff are friendly and have a fun camaraderie amongst each other and the patients! Each session passed quickly and before I knew it, my knee pain subsided. Triston prepared me with at home exercises to allow me to continue my therapy at home and I continue to improve. Thank you to Triston and the entire Joint Motion Therapy staff! "
May 31, 2019
"If you need PT JOINT MOTION is THE PLACE to go! They (Triston, Marc, John, Ibby, Ryan, Lisa & Linda) REALLY care about each patient....if you have a doubt just go in and observe them in action. From the moment you walk through the door you get a sense that they are the real deal. They know every patient by name, they make it their business to understand what is going on and how they can best help. They listen, learn and act depending on how your body is reacting. Besides all this they are excellent at customer service, following up with doctors, and making a personal connection with everyone. Really special place here. It's not easy to stay this positive and focused on the best result when you are faced daily with people that are not at their best dealing with pain and discomfort. "
Dec 31, 2018
"Fantastic staff and facility. I attended approximately 16 sessions with Staff Physical Therapist Marc (Helders), which corrected a post surgery issue. Marc was laser focused but easy going during every session. From my first consultation through my last session I was treated like an old friend by the entire staff, including the PT Assistants and Receptionists who greeted me enthusiastically by name upon entering the facility, Thank You all!! I highly recommend Joint Motion Physical Therapy, a Five Star Facility."
Dec 16, 2018
"I cannot say enough about how great the staff at Joint Motion is. I went there after back surgery and they got me back to feeling great. The women at the front desk were always so cheerful, pleasant and helpful. I mainly worked with Triston, but you could see all the therapists were so knowledgeable and always so happy! The atmosphere was always one of enjoyment. Triston took the time to ask and LISTEN to how I was feeling at each appointment and would tailor my exercises to match how I was feeling that day. He also knew when I was ready for him to step it up so I could continue to progress. I really enjoyed working with everyone at Joint Motion and highly, highly recommend them. "
Jun 15, 2018
"Triston and his staff were excellent in helping me recover from my injury. They were all extremely professional, kind, caring, and knowledgeable. They take time to learn about your condition and they develop a plan for the best/quickest recovery process. The entire team works great together. All the therapists look out for each other's clients. The assistants are very knowledgeable and pay attention to what the patients are doing in order to make sure all the exercises are done correctly. The office atmosphere is friendly and upbeat. They do not over book causing the work space to become overcrowded. I would highly recommend Joint Motion Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Feb 22, 2018