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Likelihood of recommending our facility to others?4
1) Would not recommend, 2) Recommend with reservations, 3) Recommend, 4) Highly Recommend
Courtesy of staff in the registration area and ease of scheduling your appointment?4
1) Poor, 2) Fair, 3) Good, 4) Excellent
Friendliness/courtesy of therapist and concern shown for your problem?3.98
1) Poor, 2) Fair, 3) Good, 4) Excellent
Length of wait before receiving treatment?4
1) Poor, 2) Fair, 3) Good, 4) Excellent
Success in treating your problem?4
1) 0 to 25%, 2) 26% to 49%, 3) 50% to 75%, 4) 76% to 100%

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Rated 5/5 based on 79 customer reviews
"If you need PT JOINT MOTION is THE PLACE to go! They (Triston, Marc, John, Ibby, Ryan, Lisa & Linda) REALLY care about each patient....if you have a doubt just go in and observe them in action. From the moment you walk through the door you get a sense that they are the real deal. They know every patient by name, they make it their business to understand what is going on and how they can best help. They listen, learn and act depending on how your body is reacting. Besides all this they are excellent at customer service, following up with doctors, and making a personal connection with everyone. Really special place here. It's not easy to stay this positive and focused on the best result when you are faced daily with people that are not at their best dealing with pain and discomfort. "
Dec 31, 2018
"Fantastic staff and facility. I attended approximately 16 sessions with Staff Physical Therapist Marc (Helders), which corrected a post surgery issue. Marc was laser focused but easy going during every session. From my first consultation through my last session I was treated like an old friend by the entire staff, including the PT Assistants and Receptionists who greeted me enthusiastically by name upon entering the facility, Thank You all!! I highly recommend Joint Motion Physical Therapy, a Five Star Facility."
Dec 16, 2018
"I cannot say enough about how great the staff at Joint Motion is. I went there after back surgery and they got me back to feeling great. The women at the front desk were always so cheerful, pleasant and helpful. I mainly worked with Triston, but you could see all the therapists were so knowledgeable and always so happy! The atmosphere was always one of enjoyment. Triston took the time to ask and LISTEN to how I was feeling at each appointment and would tailor my exercises to match how I was feeling that day. He also knew when I was ready for him to step it up so I could continue to progress. I really enjoyed working with everyone at Joint Motion and highly, highly recommend them. "
Jun 15, 2018
"Triston and his staff were excellent in helping me recover from my injury. They were all extremely professional, kind, caring, and knowledgeable. They take time to learn about your condition and they develop a plan for the best/quickest recovery process. The entire team works great together. All the therapists look out for each other's clients. The assistants are very knowledgeable and pay attention to what the patients are doing in order to make sure all the exercises are done correctly. The office atmosphere is friendly and upbeat. They do not over book causing the work space to become overcrowded. I would highly recommend Joint Motion Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Feb 22, 2018
"I sprained my ankle and my doctor wanted me to go to a hands-on therapist. I went for PT but found the first place to be lame in that the therapy seemed lazy and after a few visits I was basically going through the therapy session on my own. On a recommendation, I changed therapists and went to Marc at JM. What a difference! My goal was to return to being physically active and get back in my heels and that’s exactly what I did! Marc was very knowledgeable, took the time to explain everything and changed up my sessions to be more aggressive as I felt better. It was a pleasure to show up! The therapy staff was very friendly and helpful and they were all actively involved in my progress. Lisa, at the front desk, immediately made me feel welcome and was able to answer all my questions regarding the office and insurance. I achieved my goals and had fun in the process. Great people with great results! "
Jan 01, 2018
"Friendly and courteous staff, they all go above and beyond. The quality of care is exceptional, and my student athlete would not have made the progress he has without the work of Tristan and his staff. Tristan carefully and respectfully followed our doctor”s protocol, yet he provided my son with challenging, motivating, and engaging therapy sessions. 5+ stars for everyone at Joint Motion!"
Dec 12, 2017
"great place. they took care of all my needs and i"m feeling a lot better. the whole staff is outstanding."
Dec 12, 2017
"Jon was my PT. He was the bomb! Everyone there is so thorough, kind, and caring. I broke my shoulder and really couldnt move my arm and now I have full functioning after 2 months of therapy. I am so glad I chose this place to go and cant say enough wonderful things about them. They know their physical therapy and they make it fun!"
Oct 26, 2017
"Joint Motion PT has a very professional and courteous staff. Everyone knows you by name and make every effort to make sure you matter. John was my PT...super sweet and helpful."
Oct 02, 2017
"I visited joint motion for 17 physical therapy sessions after tearing my medial ankle ligament in my right ankle almost 4 months ago. As an NCAA Division One athlete, I feel very confident with saying that I would not have made the outstanding progress I have made without the wonderful staff at joint motion. The staff at joint motion are equipped with state of the art tools and knowledge needed to heal any injury throughout any part of the body. In addition, the staff are some of the friendliest people you will find within the trade of physical therapy and are always positive and accurate in their professional feedback. Tristan was assigned to help rehabilitate my ankle and besides being an amazing person, he was the difference maker in making me healthy once again. At times when I was not able to complete a session with Tristan, I occasionally received treatment from John and Marc who are both equally skilled in their abilities and true gentlemen. I'm happy that I am healthy once again, but sad I won't be interacting with the incredible staff at joint motion in the near future."
Aug 08, 2017
"I went to Joint Motion after having cervical ( neck area ) spine surgery. The purpose was to improve flexibility in my neck and restore the strength in the back muscles that were impacted by the operation. I was also having trouble with my balance when walking. Joint Motion turned out to be a great choice for my rehab. The entire staff is very professional, knowledgeable and dedicated, My particular therapist was Marc Helders and from the first day he had a plan for my rehab. That plan worked very well for my neck and back and also improved my balance. The best thing about the rehab was it was enjoyable. I always looked forward to going. That atmosphere was created and maintained by the staff, who went out of their way to make the rehab as enjoyable as possible. I highly recommend Joint Motion for any physical therapy needs you may have."
Aug 01, 2017
"Friendly very attentive and knowledgeable. Excellent!!!!"
Jul 25, 2017
"I had physical therapy after back surgery, following an automobile accident and then after neck surgery. All three times Tristan was my main physical therapist and occasionally I had the opportunity to work with Mark. At every visit, I was warmly greeted as soon as I arrived and then by all the physical therapist and aides. I cannot say enough wonderful things about each and every person that works at Joint Motion. Everyone cheers you on, watches your progress and gets to know you as a person (not just as post accident or post surgery). Because the layout is one large room, you have trained eyes on you at all times, ready to correct if you are not doing your exercises correctly and also ready to move you into your next exercise without a lot of down time (which I had experienced at other facilities). The equipment is great and diversified, its clean and well kept. I would highly recommend Joint Motion if you are ever in need of expert physical therapy. Rest assured that which ever physical therapist you are given, you are in great knowledgeable hands."
Jul 24, 2017
"I went to Joint Motion after by orthopedic physician prescribed physical therapy for a rotator cuff problem. After a number of sessions with Triston, my problem was cleared up. I then took advantage of their "Supervised Exercise Program" and found it to be very helpful. Due to a personal problem, I had to drop out of the exercise program and was unable to return since their insurance policy requires people in that program to have been clients within two months prior to joining. Too bad because it was both enjoyable and helpful. Triston and his entire staff are extremely capable, friendly and welcoming people. I recommend Joint Motion without reservation."
Jul 20, 2017
". Having had joint issues for many years and visiting many physical therapists, I can honestly say without a debt that a Joint Motion is the best. All of the physical therapists are highly skilled professionals. The front desk staff and interns are extremely competent and always helpful. Everyone in the office is caring, supportive and encouraging and the do their best to make therapy fun!"
Jul 16, 2017
"I went there for my wrist they did a great job would recommend them to anybody"
Jul 16, 2017
"After surgery to repair a partially torn rotator cuff, I went to Joint Motion for physical therapy. The staff were friendly, supportive and, most of all, determined... determined that I wouldn't leave there until my arm was working the way it used to. After several months of the JM therapists pushing and guiding me to recover the range of motion I had lost, I can now say that the difference in functionality between my surgically repaired arm and my other arm is negligible. By looking at my MRI, my primary therapist was even able to solve the mystery of what had caused the tear in the first place--my dog did it! (But that's a story for another time and place.) Without hesitation, I recommend Joint Motion to anyone needing physical therapy."
Jul 15, 2017
"I am from Plainfield. I've received rehabilitative services at Joint Motion for injuries as well as post-surgical treatment. The staff is very professional, friendly, and genuinely concerned with the well being and therapeutic recovery of their clients. Tristan, Marc, John, Ibby, Carthew, as well as the administrative staff will make sure your road to recovery is a smooth ride."
Jul 14, 2017
"I first discovered Joint Motion about a year and a half ago when I was looking for a male Physical Therapist for my daughter with Cerebral Palsy. I posted in a Facebook group and a woman replied that Marc used to see children in the school which she had worked. So I thought let me give it a shot. From my very first conversation with Lisa at Joint Motion I knew I was going to love it here. I took my daughter in for an evaluation with Marc and was instantly impressed with facility, the management, the staff and Marc. Marc has a different approach and outlook that is rare and not often seen. He works with my daughter weekly and she has shown such improvements. His explanation and administration of treatment is presented in a patient/parent friendly way. Just recently I found myself in need of physical therapy as well (herniated disc). Would only make sense to go to the same therapist my child sees being that he knows all that is involved for me to physically take care of my daughter. He taught me different techniques to lift my daughter which would be less stressful on my body. In a short amount of time I began feeling better and my daily routine of child care improved. I can not say enough about Joint Motion, everyone there is like family and they all work cohesively together to care for their patients. I can attribute this to Tristan running a "well oiled machine". Every visit is always a positive experience and you always leave better than when you walked in. I have and will continue to recommend Joint Motion to anyone who needs physical therapy services."
Jul 14, 2017
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Jul 08, 2017
"My son has visited four therapy facilities to rehab his elbow. Joint Motion was by far our favorite. Tristan, Marc and John helped him feel so at home and truly cared about my son. Tristan even phoned his Surgeon to discuss treatment. His elbow is now 100%. I was honestly told by my insurance co. Joint Therapy administrative staff (Linda and staff) did a great job providing all the needed information. They spent much time on the phone with bcbs on my behalf requesting needed approvals. Joint Motion is light years ahead of other facilities in every aspect."
Jul 06, 2017
"My orthopedist referred me to Joint Motion. Dr. John Beskal was my therapist. John was very attentive to my goals and my condition at the beginning and end of each therapy session. I was amazed at how well my knee responded to manipulation and the physical movements John and team put me through. The entire team need to be commended. Each time I was in for a session, it was like visiting family. Lively conversation while still focusing on the treatment. I was fortunate to bang the gong last week, but I will miss seeing this crew."
Jul 05, 2017
"I found about Joint Motion PT online. I'm glad that I did. John was my therapist and he did an outstanding job in reducing my should pain due to SLAP tear from intolerable to completely painless. My doctor said I don't need surgery if there was no pain and modify my activities slightly. That's the relief I am talking about. All the staff were very friendly and know what they do and do it very well. I was always looking forward to my PT sessions and I am completely satisfied. He never gives up on pain. He makes sure you are feeling better after the PT session. Always you never wait, you get to work out straight away! I recommend Joint Motion for anybody who needs PT and rehab."
Jun 23, 2017
"Fantastic staff, no one wants to need physician therapy but the people here make it a pleasant experience. Everything is explained and all your questions are always answered to your satisfaction. Very nice people to be around and VERY good at what they do."
May 22, 2017
"Great Therapy and Recovery Facility I spent 4 weeks in therapy at this facility. Never had a bad day nor a bad experience Therapist Triston Glynos and his staff treated me like a "King" and helped me with my left shoulder injury 100% to help me to advance to where I was able to get back into my workouts at the gym and enjoy my life without pain in my shoulder Thank you Joint Motion ! Your the BEST !"
Apr 24, 2017
Mar 24, 2017
"Joint motion is unlike any other. I have had knee problems for years and they are finally gone. Triston was my therapist and I highly recommend him. It is so different from other traditional therapy practices. You arrive for your appointment and immediately or almost immediately, a PT assistant takes you back to get started. No long waits or waiting at all. Every single person that works there is friendly, courteous and treats you with respect. I highly recommend Joint Motion to anyone that needs PT."
Mar 20, 2017
"Had an awesome experience with the joint motion staff. Always felt very welcome and taken care of. For those of you who watched the show "cheers" it was like being Norm everytime you walked in. Everyone was very knowledgeable and attentive to patient needs. Would recommend Joint Motion to all."
Mar 10, 2017
"AWESOME experience 🙂 5 Stars all around. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who wants to work with friendly & professional staff. I had the opportunity to train with John, Marc, and several other physical therapy assistants and they were all very supportive and motivating people. Thanks to Joint Motion Physical Therapy I am back to my regular active lifestyle which consists of Lifting Weights, Yoga, and Hiking!"
Mar 09, 2017
"I recently completed 6 weeks of PT at Joint Motion, after total hip replacement surgery. I had a great experience, the staff was cordial and friendly, always smiling. the conversations during the sessions were always positive and upbeat, so there wasn't long boring sessions. My therapist and his assistant were there and supportive every step of the way. They achieved my goal which was to be walking normal and handling everyday life. thank you Triston and staff. I'll be back when I do the other hip."
Mar 06, 2017
"Joint Motion PT took me from pre knee surgery to full range of motion and strength development. Marc was amazing, super helpful, pushed me to mage progress and allowed me to provide input into what was working for me and adjusted the program to help my progress! I cannot say enough about how much Marc and the rest of the Joint Motion staff helped me! Facility is great, people are great. I recommend to anyone!"
Feb 26, 2017
"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Joint Motion. Physical therapists were caring and attentive at all times. All of the employees were always there to be of any help. John was great and kept me on my toes. It is such a friendly and happy place that I miss coming in!! Thank you all very much. Keep up the good work!!"
Feb 25, 2017
"Both Tristan and Marc make physical therapy a positive experience. Marc was the primary provider after my shoulder surgery. The initial exercises were light but appropriate given the pain I was experiencing. As I progressed through the weeks, the exercises were more challenging and continually reached the point of maximum pain I could handle. But his attitude, encouragement, and ability to add liberal doses of humor, as he gave instructions about how an exercise should be done, made for enjoyable sessions. Rather than dreading a session I looked forward to each one because I could see gradual and steady improvement in the use of my arm. The attitude of all Joint Motion employees is positive, accepting, and encouraging. The atmosphere is more like a club of friends than a clinic. It is reflective of Tristan’s warm and engaging personality and he has done a great job of setting the example for how those who use his services are to be treated. I expect to return after surgery on my other shoulder. The exercises found in the Medical Library section of this website are excellent reminders of those which I performed while in therapy. They provide a guide I can follow to continue conditioning my shoulder. Karen S"
Feb 16, 2017
"I just completed 12 weeks of PT at Joint Motion for a shoulder injury. My experience was wonderful. I've been to a few places for PT and this by far was the best. The staff is great and the atmosphere is so fun and energizing. John was excellent! I did have my reservations on if they would be able to get me back to what I love (CKO Kickboxing), but rest assure, I'm confident that I can return. John was very knowledgeable and knew just the right exercises to get me well. With John's help and my diligence of doing my at home exercises, I am feeling like my old self. Kudos to Joint Motion!"
Jan 25, 2017
"This was my first time needing post op PT. The therapists and staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming making this experience a breeze. Being around their positive approach and upbeat atmosphere I felt confident my recovery was in good hands. I felt like Norm from Cheers when I walked in; from behind the desk to the therapy floor everyone knows your name and is willing to help. I felt comfortable being treated by each therapist and therapist aid. They are encouraging and genuinely concerned for the well-being of each patient. Thank you to Triston and his staff for a supportive and positive recovery process."
Jan 24, 2017
"Joint Motion will forever be our go to place for physical therapy. Great team....great service! JM ROCKS!"
Jan 21, 2017
"great therapists and outstanding atmosphere. no place better in union county : )"
Jan 17, 2017
"Joint Motion has an excellent staff who are very professional and friendly. I enjoyed my time there. I had a very rapid recovery and feel confident that I will regain my full capabilities after having a full knee replacement. Mark was the therapist who oversaw me and administered my therapy program. He did a great job of explaining what the various exercises did and how to get the most improvement in the shortest amount of time, He helped me early on having discovered that I could have had a very serious complication. He immediately directed me to get a "doppler" scan of my leg to see if a there was a problem that could have been very serious, because I had previous situation with a blood clot that was very serious. He learned about this by his careful review of my history. He also checked my blood pressure at the beginning of each session to monitor my condition relative to a possible problem. His obvious concern for my health and unrelenting checking for problems made me very comfortable knowing that i was protected by his watchful eye and personal concern for me. I highly recommend Joint Motion."
Jan 15, 2017
"They, and specifically Marc,took care of my very severe back problem!!!"
Dec 16, 2016
"As an individual who has experienced numerous joint issues throughout my adult life, I can say -- without a doubt -- that Joint Motion is the best physical therapy service provider I’ve encountered. Their therapists are highly trained professionals, who are caring and encouraging. They monitor your progress, as well as your challenges, and you always feel that they want the best quality-of-life outcomes for patients. Since undertaking PT at Joint Motion post knee-replacement surgery, I now have complete knee flexibility and strength. In addition to top-notch therapy (and, perhaps as importantly) entering the doors of Joint Motion is like walking into a nice hug. The entire staff--from front desk to therapists and PT assistants—is warm and friendly. It’s an environment that makes a painful and tedious experience almost fun!"
Dec 05, 2016
"My family and I have periodically required the physical therapy services of Joint Motion PT over the past years for various reasons. Each time we had attended we were treated with professionalism, concern and top-notch care. The therapists are down to earth and make your visits fun, which made our visits a pleasure to attend. The added bonus is that they usually do not require an excessive number of visits to get you better, which helped us save time and money. I have always recommended Joint Motion Physical Therapy and will continue to do so."
Oct 26, 2016
"Joint Motion has been a blessing to my family. Our daughter has attended Joint Motion periodically over the past several years and while she may not be happy about the circumstances, she is always happy that she gets to see the Joint Motion crew. It is more than just a fun place for our daughter. The staff are experts in their field and make us feel very welcome. They give her the push she needs, yet the comfort she so desires when having to deal with physical difficulties. I've been to other physical therapy offices and I've yet to experience the care, concern, and quality of service that we receive at Joint Motion. They are, hands down, the best physical therapy service provider we have experienced and will always be our family provider. Joint Motion Rocks!"
Oct 26, 2016
"I have had a total of five knee surgeries and for the last two I decided to try a new place for physical therapy. The rehab at Joint in Motion was hands down far superior over the other places I have gone to before. It was not just the physical rehab that made my experience better either. It was also the camaraderie amongst the staff that actually made it fun to go there twice a week for four months. If I ever require physical therapy in the future I wouldn't think to go to any other place than Joint in Motion. I can honestly say that Marc Helders is the best PT I have ever encountered. He is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate and Joint in Motion is lucky to have him. I cannot thank him enough. My knees have never felt better!"
Oct 25, 2016
"John was excellent, slowly gave me exercises to eliminate the knee stiffness and pain. The staff works will together, eager to make your visit pleasant. Will definitely recommend Joint Motion to others"
Oct 24, 2016
"This is the best place to go for PT anywhere in union county. An amazing staff dedicated to their customers well being. Special kudos to John and Lisa for making a difficult recovery manageable."
Oct 20, 2016
"I suffered from herniated discs in both my cervical and thoracic spine. I chose Joint Motion originally because of the expertise and specializations of the physical therapists there as described on their website. Besides the fact that ONLY PT (not medicine) helped the severe pain in my neck and back, I cannot say enough about Triston, my therapist, the other therapists and assistants, especially Ibrahim, and reception. You absolutely feel like everyone is "on your team." The entire staff is friendly, encouraging, concerned, knowledgable, and goes above and beyond to listen and help you recover. Triston is an absolutely exceptional physical therapist who identified my issues better than a well known orthopedic surgeon, developed a specific and effective recovery/training plan, and really made me feel empowered and encouraged to get better, which I had somewhat lost hope of before going to JM. I highly recommend Joint Motion to anyone looking for a physical therapist to go to where not only will you feel better, but will have fun doing it."
Oct 18, 2016
"I want to thank Mr. Glynis for recommending the Schock Doctor shoulder brace. It helped my daughter stay in softball practice during therapy."
Sep 21, 2016
"This is the best place for anyone who needs PT. My PT is Marc, who is caring and is so very dedicated to making his patients well again. I had so many problems after my knee surgery and after having a bad experience with another company, Marc took his time to literally make me walk again. He is terrific! From the minute you call and walk into the door, Lisa is so upbeat, kind and helpful. So are the other gals working the front desk. All of the assistants work together and are totally awesome. I am truly greatful to all of the staff at Joint Motion. Thank you for helping me when I thought that it wasn't possible."
Sep 07, 2016
"I had a not so great experience with physical therapy in the past. I went to Joint Motion, mostly because it was convenient and local. I have to say, it was one of the best decisions I ever made for my health. Everything about this place, made for a seamless, successful, and pleasant experience. From insurance coverage, to booking appointments, to being attentively taken care of - this is my go to place for physical therapy moving forward. And I will most definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to see a physical therapist. Lisa and Linda work the front desk, and are extremely pleasant and friendly. Absolutely love those ladies! A few other employees helped me from time to time. And they were also great. Mostly Ibrahim - who was excellent! Omar was also very friendly! Honestly, everyone is really great here. Marc was my physical therapist, and I can't say enough good things about him. He's wicked funny, extremely knowledgable, and just a darn good physical therapist. I didn't have high hopes that my knee would actually get better. But not only did it recover completely, but Marc gave me a constant diagnosis of where the actual root of my pain was stemming from. Everything he said made sense, and worked. When another issue arose, he was able to immediately and correctly diagnose that issue and help me quickly move past the problem while still working on other areas. I now know how to correct my pain in the future and how to prevent my knees and back from ever getting to this point, again. I was very impressed, to say the least. Another great thing about this place, is the culture between the staff and the patients. The staff is unbelievably friendly with each other and with the patients. And the witty banter and jokes between the staff keep the patients feeling welcomed and comfortable. Marc and John had me cracking up, constantly. It really felt like a giant family, going in there every week. You feel like you are cared for by every member, from the minute you walk through the door. If you're looking for a comfortable atmosphere, or just want your condition to improve - this is really where you should be, hands down."
Jul 26, 2016
"Impressed and delighted with the care and therapy that Triston and his team provided to my 9-year old daughter. She is a gymnast who suffered a knee injury and spent almost 2-months on crutches. She not only regained critical knee and leg strength working with them, but she also very much enjoyed going to her sessions! The front office staff was also friendly, helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend Joint Motion. THANK YOU!!!"
Jun 23, 2016
"Joint Motion has caring, knowledgeable therapists and staff. Triston is an amazing therapist who surrounds himself with good people like Ibrahim, Dr. Marc, John, and Lisa. Triston has helped me in the past with physical therapy. This time he and the happy, hard-working staff helped me to achieve my goals and their humor kept my mind off the pain and swelling of total knee replacement. One of the highlights of my therapy was when we ventured outdoors to walk. If you want to feel much better and to resume your normal activities, I recommend Joint Motion and its staff. Also thanks to Omar, Carthey and Rana and Linda for their help."
Jun 08, 2016
"Thanks to the entire staff at JointMotion, I have been completely healed. I had a serious sprain which resulted in three ligament tears. I initially came to therapy to strengthen my ankle joint to withstand surgery. Thanks to Tristan and the entire staff, I am completely recovered. Myankle feels stronger than ever. I would highly recommend this practice."
Jun 08, 2016
"My son just completed physical therapy at Joint Motion Physical Therapy. The entire staff from Triston to Lisa are amazing! Triston and all the therapists were friendly and interactive and really motivated my son to improve. The staff is WONDERFUL with children. Just sitting in the waiting area you can hear how well they interact with all the kids. The service is very personalized and individualized.. I would highly recommend Joint Motion PT."
Jun 04, 2016
"I am extremely satisfied with my physical therapy expericience at Joint Motions. The staff was very professional as well as kind in helping to reach my goals. I'm thankful for John and the team for getting me back on track. I highly recommend heir services to friends and family or how ever ask how I got to getting around without a walker or cain. Again thank you so much"
Jun 03, 2016
"I started PT due to nagging arthritis in my left hip. My usual routine of walking 3 miles daily and practicing yoga was altered due to the pain in my hip. Tristan listened to my issues and gave me exercises to help regain my range of motion and endurance. He did a fantastic job of stretching my leg! I continue to follow his plan at home. I have returned to my normal routine. Thank you, Tristan and Ibby for giving me my life back."
Apr 27, 2016
"I have just completed my physical therapy at Joint Motion to help me with my hurting knee. The therapy I received was very professional, friendly and inspired me to work really hard. Thanks to John Beskal to discovered the cause of my pain, I recovered function of my semi-permanently bent knee and recovered strength in the surrounding muscles. The environment at JM is focused on he patient and her needs, everyone - therapists and the front desk - is friendly, smiling and encouraging. I am going to recommend the place to all my friends in need."
Apr 07, 2016
"I had physical therapy for my very painful knee that was a limitation on most of my usual activities and enjoyment of life. The staff at Joint Motion did a wonderful job helping me to regain function of my semi-permanently bent knee and weakened surrounding muscles. I am particularly grateful to John Beskal, who discovered the cause of my pain and helped me to get much better. I also received exercises I am going to continue at home. The whole experience was great, all staff is highly professional and friendly, and inspired me to work really hard. I am going to tell everyone that would want to listen about Joint Motion place at Scotch Plains."
Apr 07, 2016
"Very professional and caring people. Always made me laugh, which is always a good thing!! Would definitely recommend them!!"
Apr 05, 2016
"My name is Barbara from Scotch Plains. After falling and breaking my hip, I needed total hip replacement. I was referred to Triston by my Orthopedic Surgeon and told how lucky I was to be right near the best Physical Therapist there is. How right he was! Triston worked with me and within a matter of weeks I was back to full mobility and people could not believe that I had broken my hip. Triston besides being an excellent Physical Therapist is a wonderful, warm, caring person that treated me as a family member. Everyone at Joint Motion was terrific! Their caring and compassion make you know that you are in the right place. I have highly recommended Joint Motion and will continue to do so. They are the best!"
Apr 04, 2016
"Absolutely OUTSTANDING service! Thank you Triston, Marc, Omar, Bj, and all of your interns and staff! I had the opportunity to compare your service to another physical therapist and by far Joint Motion is number ONE in my book. I will never forget the genuine care you and your staff provided me with during a difficult time."
Mar 31, 2016
"I have used Joint Motion for a few years now. Pre-op and post-op. Shoulder problem, elbow problem. Marc was my primary therapist but I would entrust any of the therapists/aides with my care. I would highly recommend Joint Motion with any related issue."
Mar 30, 2016
"The caring, professional, expert team that Triston has assembled is second to none; from the front office to therapists, to aides and Triston himself. I have had PT at various points in my life. Before finding Joint Motion several years ago, it literally felt like going through the motions with limited results. At JM, every member of the team is personally engaged in the success of your rehabilitation. I have always seen results from their knowledgeable, creative approach to solving your particular situation. Not to mention the atmosphere is always fun, engaging and social, healing the mind along with the body. I have put me and my family's trust into the team at Joint Motion time and again. Thank you!!"
Mar 29, 2016
"Hi, l'm David from North Plainfield and I support Joint Motion completely! The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable and always helpful. I had knee surgery and the rehab at Joint Motion was done with great care and personalized treatment. Triston, along with Mark, IB, and Omar are excellent at what they do! This is the ultimate place for physical therapy."
Mar 28, 2016
"Hi I'm Greta from North Plainfield and Joint Motion was my mom's physical therapist after her knee replacement. My mom was 80 years old and not very agreeable to doing her exercises but with the friendly encouragement and expertise of therapists like Triston and IB, they got her to do what she needed to do to help her walk. They took the time and made the extra effort required to help my mom help herself. Sometimes that's all that's needed someone to be attentive and show they care. Thanks Joint Motion!"
Mar 28, 2016
"My name is Carol and I live in Scotch Plains. I have gone to Joint Motion for PT and have been impressed with the personal and professional attention I have received each time. Also, the team work of the entire staff has made me feel that I am being well cared for."
Mar 28, 2016
"After ripping up my shoulder from a bad fall on ice, I had to have extensive rotator cuff surgery and I honestly thought I would never regain the use of my arm. I wasn't allowed to even start physical therapy until four weeks after my surgery, so you can imagine how incapacitated I felt. I started going to Joint Motion and working with Triston, and Marc when Triston was away on vacation, and I have full use of my arm again! There is nothing I can't do with it, thanks to the proficiency of these professionals. But then again, this is what should be expected of a PT provider. But what made the experience all the more positive, which usually is not prerequisite, was the warmth and friendliness of the therapists and staff, and how they made you feel like a member of the family, every time you came in for your appointment. For the first time, while going for PT, I felt like I was being helped because after each visit, I experienced progress. Unfortunately, that had not been my experience in the past with other physical therapists, so I went in to this experience not expecting much success. Imagine my surprise when I was able to lift my arm over my head in a relatively short amount of time! If I ever need the services of a physical therapist in the future again, you can bet on it that I will only ever use Joint Motion Physical Therapy."
Mar 27, 2016
"After suffering a catastrophic left ankle injury I started PT with Triston 6 weeks after my second surgery. I walked the first day I was there. His caring ways and dedication to his patients gave me the strength, patience, and perseverance I needed to feel confident that I could walk again. I will forever be thankful to Triston and his staff - they are the best!!!!"
Mar 27, 2016
"Great place for caring and knowledgeable treatment."
Mar 26, 2016
"My name is Bob and I live in Fanwood. After undergoing arthroscopic shoulder surgery in October of 2014, I went to Joint Motion to get my arm back in shape. Thanks to Triston and his staff of therapists, especially Bunny, I went from barely being able to lift my arm above my waist to regaining just about all my range of motion. It took several months to get there, but their dedication and support kept me moving in the right direction until we achieved success. I can't recommend Joint Motion enough!"
Mar 26, 2016
"Can't say enough good things about Dr Marc and the staff at Joint In Motion. I have made considerable progress thanks to their great care and patience. The staff create an tremendous atmosphere which makes therapy very enjoyable, They are professional, caring and super pleasant."
Mar 25, 2016
"I had to use Joint in Motion for both myself and my son. They did a wonderful job and we have both been pain free since."
Mar 25, 2016
"My name is Trudy and I live in Westfield. I first came to Joint Motion following back surgery. The therapists are knowledgable, patient, and very attentive to your needs. I always felt like I received individual attention and the exercise program was set up for my specific problem. A few years later, following a car accident, I didn't hesitate to return to Joint Motion to address my cervical problems. From the front desk to the therapists, this facility does everything right!"
Mar 25, 2016
"Bunny was my therapist for my low back pain and I found her to be knowledgeable and open to conditions she had not known about, which I have. She provided a great training program for me to do on my own after therapy ended and I found that during my therapy, she was quite helpful with all of my concerns. I recommend Joint Motion for those who need PT and want a personalized approach."
Mar 25, 2016
"Great experience with good results for future better health. Friendly staff and and exceptional Physical Therapist in MacKenzie certified Marc"
Mar 25, 2016
"Can't say enough about the staff! They made me whole again! They are awesome!"
Mar 25, 2016
"Marc took great care of my son and made his sessions fun for him. He always looked forward to going and was sad to end his therapy."
Mar 25, 2016
"Triston is an exceptional Physical Therapist who truly cares about his patients. He has a genuine ability to connect and identify your true concerns. His follow up and training plans are one of a kind. In a world where customer service and bed side manor have diminished Triston and his staff at Joint Motion take a patient centric approach. I truly recommend you visiting Joint Motion for your Physical therapy needs."
Mar 23, 2016
"The therapists at Joint Motion eliminated my sciatica and did so in such a fun way. Marc took time to figure out my problem and got me back to coaching my children's baseball and wrestling teams. Thank you."
Mar 18, 2016
"If your in need of physical therapy this is the best place. Great docters , friendly and fun."
Mar 18, 2016