For Patients: How to Review a PT Practice

Have patients answer the questions on the laminated card in a CONVERSATIONAL TONE.

Here’s An Example Testimonial Script:

My name is David and I am from Carlsbad.  I came to Rehab Associates because of shoulder pain and I couldn’t hit a golf ball anymore.  Dr. Smith showed me my problem, gave me some specific exercises, did some hands-on work, and now my pain is gone.  Better yet, I am back to playing golf pain free.  If you have a shoulder problem, I absolutely recommend Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy.  They’re really great.

The Technical Process
a. Push the “Record From Webcam”
button on the video capture web page.

b. Click anywhere on the Recording
box to stop the recording.

c. Accept the Video, Re-record it, or Review the Recording

NOTE: Once you accept it, it is sent to for editing.

You are done.  We will take it from here.


If you have questions, please contact us at 760-929-9695.  Thank you!