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Triston Glynos at Join Motion Physical Therapy in downtown Scotch Plains.
Credits: John Mooney
Join Motion Physical Therapy in downtown Scotch Plains.
Credits: John Mooney
Ailene McNamara, Dr. John Beskal, and Dr. Triston Glynos.
Credits: John Mooney

Joint Motion Physical Therapy Celebrates 13 Years of Caring for Patients in Scotch Plains


SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ — After many years working as a physical therapist, owner Triston Glynos, PT, DPT, OCS had become frustrated by the quality and consistency of the apathetic medical offices he had experienced. He wanted to create an environment that focused on caring and cost-effective physical therapy services which reduced a reliance on drugs, injections, surgery, and lengthy rehabilitation programs. Joint Motion Physical Therapy was established from this desire to redefine the physical therapy experience, and this fall it will mark its 13th anniversary in downtown Scotch Plains.

Glynos, the son of Greek immigrants who owned diner in Kenilworth, grew up in Berkeley Heights, where he wrestled and played football and baseball. He went on to attend Boston University, where he earned his B.S. and Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. Eventually, he earned his doctorate. He says the best thing about what he does for a living is choosing how he treats patients and watching them progress and regain their strength and abilities.

“Many physical therapy places are owned by corporate medical offices. We are care-driven,” Glynos said in an interview with TAPintoSPF. “What is most satisfying is knowing we provide excellent care helping patients get out of pain and overcome a functional limitation.”

Did a lot of volunteering at children’s specialized hospital. Pt sounded like a great career for me.

Satisfying: knowing we provide excellent care helping them get out of pain and overcome a functional limitation.

One of Joint Motion’s newer areas of expertise is blood flow restricted (BFR) rehabilitation, which is the brief and intermittent occlusion of the blood flow in veins using a tourniquet while exercising. Using this technique a patient can exercise with significantly lighter weight while still creating a hypertrophy (growth) and strength response. Usually in order to achieve such a growth and strength response, an athlete would need to lift heavy loads.

Noah Reich, a tennis player from Westfield, has benefitted from BFR at Joint Motion Physical Therapy. (Story continues below video link).

Joint Motion Physical Therapy is well known to TAPintoSPF readers as the presenting sponsor of the Joint Motion Physical Therapy Athlete of the Week feature, which highlights the accomplishment of local male and female athletes each week in a number of sports.

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